Sunday, Dec. 20, 2009: R.J. Martinez, left, and Nick Miseno Jr., right, were the two finalists in Sunday's Western Diner/NBA Riverfront Insurance Agency Open at Sunset Lanes. Miseno won the event, while Martinez was the runner-up.


NBA members enjoy a drink after competing in

Sunday's event at Sunset Lanes in Albany.



Nov. 30, 2008: Stockade Open winner Bob Faragon, center, awaits payday — 1st-place money of $1,100 — as Gazette sportswriter Bob Weiner and 8th-place finisher Bill Ray look on.


Al Roth of Halfmoon takes a well-deserved rest after his close showing at the Stockade Open at Boulevard Bowl. Roth finished within two pins of the leader, taking 2nd-prize money of $550.





Sunday, Oct. 19, 2008: One of many winners
departs the Western Diner Open at Guilderland's
Town n' Country Lanes with prize money in hand.


Sunday, Oct. 19, 2008: Another big smile
at the Western Diner Open
at Guilderland's Town n' Country Lanes.




Sunday, Mar. 30, 2008: Winner Brian LeClair (left) of Athens and Mark Taylor of Albany talk about their
US Open cashes last week in New Jersey.


Mar. 30, 2008: Craig Taylor (left) gestures as he talks with Brian LeClair (center) and Gene Speenburgh.


Mar. 30, 2008: Winner Brian LeClair (left) and Gene Speenburgh talk about their day.


Mar. 30, 2008: Tournament Director Karl Bieber (front) gets help from Ray Evans and Russ Hunter (standing).


Matt Sherman was the second-place finisher
in the Stockade Open at
Boulevard Bowl and the event at Hometown Lanes.


Mark James sits in the bar at Hometown
and is served a drink by Jim Thomas
after the event at Hometown Lanes in Waterford.


Eric Stangle, winner at Hometown Lanes in Waterford
on Dec. 23, talks to a friend while Vince Cicchinelli, left
and Darrell Coonradt, rear, head to the bar.